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Song Memo

Version: 1.0.5
Author: AmoriyA
Type: Other
Updated: 30 September, 2022
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Song Memo is the easiest way to take notes of your song ideas. The chord keyboard of Song Memo allows you to write chord progressions more quickly. Chords are automatically detected while you are taking a note. You can change the key by transposing your song, or by using capo. Import memos from Cloud or other Apps. Share your memos in a variety ways.

- Write your song ideas with Chord Keyboard
- Automatic chord detection
- Guitar chord diagram
- Key transposition & capo
- Sync songs across all your iOS devices
- Import files form Cloud, or other apps
- Share your memos in a variety ways

- Chord typing effortlessly
- Basic chords for the scale
- Predictive chord
- Various chord notation

- Grab notes from other apps