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MidiMixer for AUM Auv3 Plugin

Version: 1.07
Type: Other
Technology: Audio Unit (AU)
Updated: 08 April, 2021
$6.99     Download on the App Store

MidiMixer is an AUv3 plugin specifically designed for AUM which allows you to control your mix and record automation synced to AUM's timeline. You can control up to 12 AUM channels at once and create up to 8 snapshots of the mixing desk. You can smoothly fade from one snapshot into another at the touch of a button and even record these transitions as part of the automation for your song.

Automation recording is a big part of MidiMixer, and as such can record real-time movement of controls or add them directly to the visual editor. Editor tools allow you to draw automation for each control in real time as your song plays.

MidiMixer ships with a couple of default AUM session templates that will help you quickly configure AUM and MidiMixer ready to create your new song.

MidiMixer works by sending control messages to AUM. It relies on the default settings for AUM which makes setup very quick and easy. By default, you have control over 12 AUM tracks and a single group track for overall volume. You can control AUM's fader, pan, mute and solo settings for each of the 12 channels. We also provide a user option which allows you to send custom data to control other AUM settings (or a piece of MIDI equipment of your choice).


• 8 mixer snapshots with smooth fade over 0-5s.
• Record real-time control changes.
• Graphical editor with editing tools.
• Clipboard functionality for copying sections of automation.
• 2 default AUM templates provided.
• Fader lock allowing control of all faders at once.
• Control up to 12 AUM channels.
• Load and Save mixes.
• Full song state saving.

Checkout the 'Paul the Musicman' YouTube channel for a preview of this app in action.

Please Note: Although this plugin can technically be loaded into any DAW, it was designed purely for use in AUM and as such its use outside of AUM is extremely limited. Also not recommended for use on iPhones with less than 6.5" display.