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Simple Music - amazing chords creation keyboard app with free piano, guitar, pad sounds, and midi

Version: 3.1.2
Type: Other
Technology: Audiobus
Updated: 04 August, 2015
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Simple Music is a novel arrangement of notes to VISUALLY and EASILY provide for playing music. SLIDING your finger from any point ALWAYS produces CHORDS. The higher importance notes and chords always surround them. It is indeed the simplest approach to playing music, with so much musical sense, it might as well become the future keyboard.

You can play COMPLETE SONGS and even ACCOMPANY A SINGER on a full song.

Simple Music lets you play the piano among three instrument collection options of pianos, guitars, and pads on its full version.

Besides its NOVEL arrangement and SUPERB sounds, Simple Music provides for recording, a chords reference, metronome and midi controlling.

Musicians to be, SURPRISE YOURSELF, veteran musicians... ENJOY.

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