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Beat Detect

Version: 1.0
Type: Other
Technology: Ableton Link
$2.99     Download on the App Store

Analyse the BPM of all kind of music in seconds.
Discover an intuitive way to display the tempo of any beat.
Perfect for DJs, live performers or any musician!

Beat detect is a simple way to get the tempo of any beat, just by listening through your device mic. It also includes a metronome and options to adjust BPM manually.

- For DJs: find the BPM of unlabelled tracks. Save some time and beatmatch more easily.
- For Musicians: get real-time feedback of your band’s tempo. Identify timing fluctuations and changes.
- For mobile app musicians: play an instrument and sync apps to your tempo with Ableton Link.

- Auto-detect the tempo of any beat
- Keep the beat with built-in metronome
- Adjust tempo manually with tap and + / - buttons
- Restart the clock at anytime for phase synchronization
- Ableton Link: sync compatible apps on several devices by connecting to the same WiFi network.