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Version: 1.5.0
Type: Other
Updated: 12 December, 2018
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Keynality is a key based musical instrument designed for composers, performers and producers to assist with making music with unfamiliar or unusual keys. It provides a musical palette for creating chord progressions, working out harmonies or melodies using either internal sounds from the inbuilt synth and sampler, virtual or physical midi sound source.

Keynality has support for over 300 musical keys, into which 125+ chords are automatically mapped. These can be rearranged as required for ease of play (live performances etc).

Presets cover the entire configuration and can be imported and exported via iCloud providing the means to exchange setups with other devices as well as preserve important configurations on external media.

Since the instrument is key based, it provides a key finder to help match the key to an existing piece of music.

The playing interface is optimised for the different sized iPads (7.9", 9.7", 10.5" & 12.9") - which means that larger devices can support a larger matrix of chords and notes.

• Audiobus (audio out, MIDI in/out)
• Inter-App Audio
• Core MIDI (virtual/hardware, in/out)

Included Chords:
Over 125 Major, Minor, Dominant, Diminished, Augmented, Suspended chords including 6ths, 7ths, 9ths, 11ths and 13ths as well as variants and unusual chords.

Included Scales:
• Heptatonic: Major (Ionian), Minor (Aeolian), Mixolydian, Dorian, Phrygian, Locrian, Lydian, Melodic Major, Melodic Minor (Asc), Phrygidorian, Half Diminished, Lydian Augmented, Lydian Dominant, Major Locrian, Super Locrian, Harmonic Major, Harmonic Minor, Gypsy, Hungarian Minor, Hungarian Gypsy, Neapolitan Major & Minor, Persian, Phrygian Major, Ultraphrygian, Enigmatic
• Pentatonic: Major Pentatonic, Minor Pentatonic, Japanese, Yo, In, Insen, Iwato
• Hexatonic: Major Hexatonic, Minor Hexatonic, Major Blues, Minor Blues, Whole Tone, Augmented, Prometheus, Tritone
• Octatonic: Whole-Half Octatonic, Half-Whole Octatonic, Dominant Bebop, Major Bebop, Dorian Bebop