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Beatly Pro

Version: 1.33
Technology: Ableton Link, Audiobus
Updated: 10 December, 2022
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A unique rap/lo-fi/chiptune/cinematic/dance loops generator.
Ghost producer at your fingertips.

With Beatly Pro you can generate unlimited amount of 100% original looped music in rap/lo-fi/chiptune/cinematic/dance genre.


- up to 8 bars of music to combine arbitrarily
- up to 7 instruments to work with
- effects and filters on each channel for shaping the sound (low pass filter, decimation)
- simple yet powerful piano roll with realtime beat transpositions and custom template pattern editor (patterns applicable automatically in the generated music)
- chord progression builder
- exporting to MIDI (including stems)
- rendering stems and seamless loops
- key and BPM options
- mixer with volume, solo, mute and filters
- regeneration of any instrument part
- sample recorder and editor
- sample import in WAV/M4A format, supporting drag and drop
- SF2 SoundFont sound bank import
- MIDI files import (single bars only) in the piano roll, supporting drag and drop
- drum presets
- song mode which automatically arranges the generated bars for you
- MIDI output with configurable output channels and notes (for drum instruments)
- Audiobus support (MIDI out per channel + full audio mix)
- Ableton Link sync support
- app color theme configurator

Who is Beatly Pro for:

• composers/producers to get quick inspiration or a fresh material to work with
• artists/singers in need of unique rap beats on demand
• game developers, film-makers, digital content creators, who need to use free and original music in any kind of multimedia
• musicians who need an accompaniment for their practicing (thanks to the chord progression builder you can simply define what you want Beatly to play)
• pretty much anyone interested in generative art and nonmainstream music

How it works:

Beatly Pro randomly chooses set of instruments and creates 8 unique bars of looped instrumental music (32 beats). You can combine and rearrange these bars arbitrarily and edit them in piano roll. Tempo is chosen automatically, however it can be simply changed as well as key. All notes are picked by the algorithm. Currently you can choose from default rap, lo-fi, chiptune, cinematic or dance styles. Each of these styles brings unique music experience. You can also activate chord progression builder to define exactly what chords will Beatly use in the generated bars or create your own bar patterns which will be consequently used by the algorithm when building a new track. To modify already generated chord progression in the track you can change key/base chord of each beat within a bar. All notes of given beat will be transposed appropriately.

Run app, tap the play button. It is that simple. Music will be different each time you hit the reload button. Once you're done editing the tune, simply save it for later, export to MIDI or record your live session to WAV audio file. You can even render separated stems or seamless loop of your entire track. You can also hook up Beatly with your favorite mixer using MIDI output.

Drums too loud? Adjust the volume. Synth annoying? Mute it or try other built-in sounds. Loving the sound of piano? Solo it and make it shine. Mixer got your back! Need variation? Reload any instrument part of your track. Generated part not to your liking? Leverage the piano roll to fix algorithm's mistakes and make it awesome!

Can I import my own samples?

Yes! You can attach or record your very own WAV or M4A sound to any instrument track. Just bear in mind, samples tuned in C will sound best! :)

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