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Version: 1.3
Updated: 23 August, 2016
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BAND BOY is the BEST tool for instrument practice with plenty of awesome features!
BAND BOY will absolutely help you practice instruments in lots of ways.

Use Vocal Cut for a vocal practice like KARAOKE!
Play a part of your favorite band with a guitar/piano-reduced sound by LR cut or a bass-reduced sound by Bass cut!

You can change the key and the speed.
Control the key and the speed freely as you like for the practice!

You can use effect applications of Inter App Audio such as "Amplitube".
Moreover this application is available on other applications such as "Garage Band" as sound sources of Inter App Audio.

Connect to a microphone or a guitar through an audio interface with a 3.5mm 4 pole plug!*2
Reverb, EQ etc. various effectors are available.*3
You can also switch effectors using "iReg Blueboard".
(Please execute pairing of it and an iOS device by iRig Blueboard app, and change the setting to "CONTROL CHANGE MODE".)

Recording system is certainly equipped!*4
You can take out the recording file through iTunes.

There are plenty of other useful functions on BAND BOY.
Surely brings you a marvelous experience, download BAND BOY now!

*1 Download add-on within the application.
*2 Interfaces using a DOCK connector are not available. Internal microphone is effective when normal stereo earphones are connected.
*3 To use more than two effectors at the same time, purchase "Release Effector Restriction".
*4 To record longer than 20 seconds, purchase "Release Recording Time Restriction".